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  Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Center: Equipped with an excellent fit with the production of test conditions and advanced testing equipment; in order to ensure good product quality. Laboratory Center is divided into a central laboratory, physics laboratory, biology laboratory, precision instrument rooms, clean room testing center; testing equipment is complete, part of the testing instruments for national Pharmacopoeia Commission recommended the designated use of the apparatus.

中央化验室      扫描式紫外分光光度仪      撕拉力仪
Central Laboratory
Scanning UV-Spectrophotometer
Tear pulling force instrument
塑瓶试验机 不溶性微粒检测仪    澄明度检测仪   
Plastic bottle tester Insoluble Particle Detector Clarity Detector
高温箱式电阻炉 精密分析天平 酸度计
High-temperature Box type Furnace Precision Analytical Balance Acidimeter
内毒素凝胶法测定仪 生物室检验局部 留样室局部
Endotoxin Gel Tester
Local bio-laboratory Sample room to stay local

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