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    Changzhou Otsuka Econ Techno CO.,LTD is a professional production of infusion with the drug packaging materials company, was established in December 2004, is located in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Cheng Lu Town, jiaoxi industry cluster, close to Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed, along the highway, strategic location and convenient transportation.
    The company mainly produces flexible packaging for medical category of non-PVC infusion complementary products: plastic infusion containers combined with polypropylene cap (SDA Pharmaceutical Packaging Registration Certificate 20100680), plastic infusion container with polypropylene interface (SDA Pharmaceutical Packaging Registration Certificate 20100558). Which cover 300 million portfolio of polypropylene / year more than 150 million polypropylene interface / years. The company existing staff more than 120 professional engineers and technicians nine people, including college education 5. The company has established a sound organizational structure, production and quality management system, at all levels of responsibility, division of labor is very clear link between management and technical staff in the overall quality of the high.
    Company now covers an area of 30 acres, the new production workshop 4,000 m, with an area of 3000 ©O 10000 Local 100 of the clean purification plant, plant in strict accordance with GMP requirements of design and construction of 100 FFU control systems used in all areas, production areas, clean levels fully meet the national requirements, in 2009 to re-register to get the acceptance inspection team praise. Production area, warehouse, ancillary space to set reasonable, and supporting comprehensive, factory wide-open spaces, bright, equipment placement and tidy, rational and a high standard of purification plant for the quality of our products provide a strong protection of the premise.   
    Production equipment, testing equipment is re-purchased, and supporting complete. Production technology is advanced, detection means perfect; a variety of measuring, testing, control instruments consistent with drug packaging materials, the use of requirements; and related instrumentation for the National Pharmacopoeia Commission recommended the designated use of the apparatus. Companies engaged in quality inspection staff have undergone professional training in professional organizations at the provincial level, fully capable of performing quality inspection jobs.
    The company staff will thoroughly pursue the "quality supreme, good faith to keep" the quality policy, to provide customers with satisfactory products and good service, our company in the domestic industry with excellent hardware facilities, a sound quality assurance system is a very dynamic and development prospects of the emerging businesses, welcome customers to visit the company co-operation.

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