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(1)Factory Facilities:

Company’s factory in strict accordance with GMP requirements of design and construction, production areas, warehouses, auxiliary space set complete, matching is complete, clean factory wide-open spaces, bright, equipment placement and tidy, rational, company’s existing 30 sets injection molding machines, assembly machines 8 sets ion wind washing machine 2 sets。

生产厂区一角     注塑间局部    
Corner of the production plant
Local Inter-injection
注塑间局部-2 组装风洗间
Local Inter-injection
Assembly of the wind wash rooms
离子风洗机 中央集中供料系统
Ion wind washing machine
Centralized Feeding System
净化区洁净走廊     送风系统机房
Purifying cleansing Corridor
Room air supply system

Room air-conditioning system
2 Reverse Osmosis System Water Center
Power Generator Room

(2) Mold:

The company used in all the domestic industry advanced factory equipment, mold, product quality has a fully guaranteed. Cover the existing portfolio of 12 sets of molds, the interface die 9.


   Hot Runner Mold Interface (local)       Hot runner mold outer cover (local)        Within a hot runner cap mold(local

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